LoRa Bundle: 2 x SGW8100 LoRa Modems & Instaspeak App

USD $89.00
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150 units
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LoRa Bundle comes with two SGW8100 +30dBm LoRa Modems as well as our PC App Instaspeak.


We get it – we really do. All you want is long-range wireless connectivity without breaking the bank, and yet you found yourself bound to your increasingly expensive cellular provider with no solution for unexplainable network-dead zones.

Presenting our one-of-a-kind SGW8100 LoRa Antenna, which combines the solution to all of the above with a truly innovative design. Plug the Antenna into any device and be instantly connected at even the most far-flung corners of the world, or just through concrete buildings right in your hometown. Set up your own wireless network and be your own provider, minus the subscription costs.

No complicated procedures, no hidden fees. Just plug and go. We promise.


  • Super long-range wireless connection
  • Superb in-building penetration
  • PnP with SGW6010 as LoRa-Cat-M1 Gateway
  • USB connectivity to PC or mobile devices
  • Mobile apps ready for two-way LoRa data communication
  • Integrated high-gain antenna
  • Frequency Range: 915MHz with frequency hopping
  • Output Power: +30dBm
  • Mechanical Dimension: 16.5mm x 8.6mm x 263mm


  • Connected home
  • Smart city infrastructure
  • Industrial mesh networks
  • Industrial smart lighting
  • Logistics and transportation